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How can CBD enrich and improve your life and wellness? From pain relief to homeostasis, from improving sleep to easing anxiety, discover a better way with CBD.


Many common issues with overall health & well-being can be alleviated through reaching homeostasis. Proper Hemp Co CBD products help you reach homeostasis by activating receptors in your endocanebanoid system, naturally. 








A Better Way to
Pain Management

Inflammation is the body’s defense mechanism against infection. However, prolonged inflammation can lead to serious health issues and serious pain. In fact, diabetes, cancer, hormonal issues, digestive problems, heart disease, and autoimmune conditions all stem from inflammation. Fortunately, CBD is a natural and powerful anti-inflammatory. By suppressing the inflammatory response, CBD can relieve many of the symptoms related to inflammation-based problems.

Proper Hemp CBD + Curcummin Pain Relief Softgels help significantly with rheumatoid arthritis, menstrual cramps, headaches, and sore muscles. By intercepting the transmission of pain signals in the body, CBD works with the body’s nervous system to help provide natural pain relief without the nasty side effects of Nonsteroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDS) and Opioids.

A Better Way to
Get Restful Sleep

We’ve all heard by now the havoc sleep deprivation can wreak on our health. Not only does it affect our current functioning levels, it can lead to depression, weight gain, decreased sex drive, and disease. And while there are many options out there that claim to help with insomnia, most aren’t a perfect solution. While not a “cure” for sleep disorders, evidence is mounting in favor of CBD as a powerful sleep aid. It’s relaxing and anti-anxiety properties make it a safe and natural alternative to other options. Unlike traditional sleeping pills, Proper’s CBD + Melatonin Sleep Softgels pose no risk of addiction, you won’t wake up groggy the next morning, and they’re all natural. These reasons alone make CBD a better option for long-term use for sleep.

A Better Way to

Your body’s Endocannabinoid System (ECS) plays a vital role in the proper functioning of vital biological systems. (Think immune, metabolic, and cardiovascular systems, our sleep cycles, and even our mood.) So when this system is thrown off balance, the rest of the body is also affected. And while we may be good about taking multivitamins to help keep ourselves healthy, we often neglect the ECS. Fortunately, CBD naturally works with the Endocannabinoid System’s receptors to boost and balance the body.

A Better Way to
Start the Day

Whether you’re a morning person or not, developing a morning routine is a great way to decrease stress, improve the quality of your entire day, and increase happiness. (Sounds like a win to us.) And with the vast number of ways CBD can improve one’s overall health and wellbeing, why not start your day right with CBD? With a wide variety of CBD products to choose from, it’s easy to incorporate into a morning routine that works for you. Whether you make time to sit and savor your morning coffee, mix it into your overnight oats, or take a CBD softgel on-the-go, let CBD become part of a morning ritual that helps you thrive.

A Better Way to
Pet Parent

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