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Feels like a traditional balm, but oh-so-much better! The Proper Hemp CBD Infused Skin Balm is lightly scented with lavender and eucalyptus. Fast-acting to soothe for localized skin pain like mild burns, chapped lips, and eczema. And, best of all, the Proper CBD-infused skin balm helps those wrinkles without injecting chemicals into your skin.

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Weight5.3 oz
Dimensions2.25 × 2.25 × 2.25 in


The Proper CBD infused skin balm has worked better & faster than aloe in healing burns, while also clearing up cuts faster than other brands of ointments & creams. The restorative natural plant properties of the CBD balm by Proper Hemp quickly goes to work on any irritated or over-stimulated area of skin.


Re-apply CBD Infused Skin Balm every 6-8 hours to help with those burns, cuts, and autoimmune skin flare-ups (psoriasis and fibromyalgia).


Pain dissipates instantly with a luxuriously smooth application, similar to salve, and lighted and pleasantly scented with natural eucalyptus and lavender.  

Staff Tips

This is another must-have for your medicine cabinet. In making our products, we use our hands A LOT. So we’ve put this formula to the test. We can’t overstate how quickly this balm has worked for us on those pesky stove burns or painfully deep papercuts. You’ll definitely want to keep this CBD skin balm on hand… no pun intended!  


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