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Relieve your pupper’s stress level with a combination of omega 3s, omega 6s (to help lubricate hip and joints) and hemp seed oil. By putting the Dog Dietary Supplement under their tongue or adding right over their dog food, they will gobble up something good for them instead of your shoes.  Dogs and humans typically get enough omega-3’s, so we need to get more omega-6 because it’s so great for lubricating your pup’s hips & joints. The Proper Hemp CBD Dog Dietary supplement gives your pet that vital nutrient needed for a long, healthy life.

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The most cost-effective way to add Proper CBD to your best friend’s diet. The Proper CBD Dog Dietary Supplement helps with separation anxiety during long days away, the fear of fireworks every 4th, and that terrifying thunder for your favorite pup.


Proper Hemp’s dietary supplement may help your furry friend with:

• Anxiety
• Excessive Barking
• Lethargy
• Pain & Inflammation
• Aggression
• Spasms or Seizures
• Nausea
• Joints & Mobility


We wouldn’t give it to our dog if we wouldn’t eat it ourselves…