Give the gift of relaxation with our Homebody Gift Set



We all have a person on our lists that loves slow Sunday mornings, intricate coffee rituals, and relaxing evenings by the fire. For that reason, we created the Homebody Gift Set.

This gift set is a great way to delight the homebody on your list. Introduce coffee lovers to a new experience with our CBD Infused Coffee. Each back provides a comfortable dose of balanced energy without the jitters or digestive discomfort.

Our Homebody Gift set keeps you balanced throughout the day with our CBD Infused Softgels. With 10 mg of our nano emulsified CBD, our softgels provide an efficient dose of CBD that helps you relax and fight inflammation.

*A $97 value*

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Weight3 oz


A bag of our CBD Infused Coffee and a 10 ct. jar of our CBD Softgels in a ready to gift paper mache kraft box filled with crinkle paper, tissue paper and tied off with jute twine.


We partnered with Doma Roasting Company to infuse their popular Chronic blend with our broad-spectrum PhytoCannabinoid Rich CBD Hemp Extract to create this unique bag of CBD Infused Coffee. Each bag contains a whopping 500 mg of CBD.

Experience a comfortable release of energy without any jitters or digestive discomfort and delight the senses with aromas of walnut, chocolate and spice flavors, a mellow acidity, bold body, and balanced sweetness.

A perfect introduction to nano emulsified CBD. Our 10mg Softgels are a perfect addition to your daily maintenance routine for overall health and balance.
Incorporate the healing & restorative properties of Proper Hemp Co’s CBD into your day with our easy to use 10 mg Softgels. Start by taking one softgel morning and night, track your experience, and up your dose to two softgels twice a day as needed.


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