Make your joints feel like the crème de la crème.


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One of Proper Hemp Co’s most versatile products, Proper CBD Joint Creme + OptiMSM helps every user manage your localized pain and cut down on inflammation and heals nearly any skin issue. When your joints ache, support them with the combination of nano-emulsified broad-spectrum CBD and the highest rated, gold standard, highest quality of brands of MSM used by many high-performance brands, OptiMSM. Rub instant relief on your knuckle, elbows, ankle, and more, you will find yourself reaching for the CBD Joint Creme + OptiMSM whenever the rain kicks up. Apply this wonder cream to acne or any other scars and watch the healing properties of premium CBD combined with top-quality MSM restore a natural smooth look.

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Weight5 oz
Dimensions2.25 × 2.25 × 2.25 in

250mg, 1000mg


This product features an aloe vera base and with MSM listed as a top 3 ingredient, you’ll get quick results as it combines with the pain-relieving anti-inflammatory properties of nano-emulsified CBD.

Instantaneous results in an easier-to-apply in a wider area, smoother application cream.

MSM, which is sulfur product, is widely known for it’s great results on acne and general inflammation of the skin.


CBD Joint Creme + OptiMSM relieves joint pain, and helps heal acne or other skin issues.


Smooth application with a light natural scent of lavender.