Nip it in the Bud: Common Misconceptions About CBD

Misconceptions about CBD

Misconceptions about CBD

CBD is creating quite a buzz lately. It’s popping up in a variety of products, including skincare, food products, and dietary supplements. And while the popularity of CBD products is skyrocketing, a lot of unknowns and misconceptions still surround it. Here are a few of the most common myths about CBD.

#1 CBD is medical; THC is recreational

One of the most common misconceptions is that the cannabinoid Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is solely the “fun, recreational part” of the cannabis plant. Though highly stigmatized throughout the United States and other countries, it does have several medicinal benefits. THC has been shown to be a supreme pain reliever, to dramatically reduce symptoms that accompany chemotherapy and radiation, to improve sleep, provide relief for PTSD sufferers, increase appetite, serve as an anticonvulsant for those with epilepsy, and more.

Additionally, CBD doesn’t need to be used solely for medical purposes. While it’s not intoxicating and doesn’t provide a “high” like THC, CBD can be incorporated into your day to day without serving to “treat” anything. Daily CBD use can help maintain homeostasis. And from CBD infused coffee to gummies, ingesting CBD can be fun.

#2 CBD will get you high

Though CBD and THC are both well-known cannabinoids with several similarities, they do affect your mind and body differently. THC can get you high to an intoxicating level, while CBD cannot.

#3 High doses of CBD are better than low doses

Dosing does vary from person to person and is affected by factors like weight, metabolism, health, and product quality. Nanoemulsified CBD products, like Proper Hemp’s, are roughly 5 times easier for your body to absorb. This means they’re also more effective than other standard CBD products. So you can take less and get the same desired effects.

#4 All CBD is the same

Similar to any product you can purchase, CBD can vary dramatically among manufacturers and companies. This makes it paramount to do your research prior to purchasing. Proper Hemp Co. goes to great lengths to maintain high standards and we guarantee the grade and high quality of our products, providing certificates of analysis upon request. Our CBD products are nanoemulsified and broad spectrum, meaning the milligrams you’re getting are full and active, and not reduced with hemp extract fillers.

#5 Single-compound, CBD Isolate is best

CBD Isolates are just as the name suggests–CBD that is isolated from all other cannabinoids. During the extraction process from the cannabis plant, all cannabinoids and additional plant compounds (oils, flavonoids, terpenes) are removed leaving the purest forms of CBD. However, CBD isn’t the only beneficial cannabinoid in hemp. While the benefits of cannabinoids can be experienced individually, the effect of all the elements found in the plant working together in synergy enhances their therapeutic benefits, creating what’s referred to as the “entourage effect”. This is why whole plant CBD products–both full spectrum and broad spectrum variations–are often recommended over CBD isolate.

#6 CBD is a sedative

Even though it does have powerful relaxing properties, often being referenced for its ability to ease anxiety and improve sleep, CBD alone isn’t a sedative. (However, THC is.) In fact, some studies have shown CBD to increase alertness and wakefulness. But CBD + Melatonin blended Products can create a synergistic effect to improve sleep, as CBD is great for general relaxation and the melatonin helps you drift into REM sleep better.

#7 Hemp and marijuana are the same thing

Oranges and limes are both citrus, but aren’t the same fruit. Similarly, hemp and marijuana are both cannabis coming from the same plant family, but have different functions, properties, and cultivation. CBD is found in both hemp and marijuana, but there’s a higher THC content in marijuana and a very low amount (<0.3%) in industrial hemp. Hemp is also used in dietary supplements, food products, skin care, clothing, paper, and more.

Proper Hemp CBD

#8 CBD will show up on a drug test

Drug tests screen for THC, not CBD. Because we remove any residual THC from our extract before formulating it into our products, you will not fail a THC drug test after using a Proper Hemp CBD product.

8 Facts About Proper Hemp Co. CBD


As CBD continues to grow in mainstream popularity, the number of CBD companies–and products–continues to grow as well. So how does one choose? Who is Proper Hemp and what sets us apart from the rest? Below are eight things you should know about Proper Hemp Co CBD and why we offer premium products.

1. Proper Hemp CBD is broad spectrum

Proper Hemp CBD products are broad spectrum. This means they contain all the other natural compounds found in the hemp plant and thus produce the beneficial “entourage effect.” Our Broad Spectrum CBD Hemp extract is 85% Cannabinoids, in which Cannabidiol (CBD) makes up 90% of the Cannabinoids present. This includes cannabigerol (CBG), cannabinol (CBN), cannabichromene (CBC), and over 40 naturally preserved terpenes.

2. CBD with zero THC

We preserve the full spectrum of non-psychoactive phytocannabinoids in our products. So we’re THC-free around here. While many CBD products still contain the legally allowed 0.3% of THC content in their products, Proper Hemp Co. removes all traces of THC. Why? To provide CBD products to mainstream users without any risk of job loss. 

3. Performanced obsessed and high performing

At Proper, performance is of the utmost importance. This is why we spent all of 2018 researching and meeting with labs and manufacturing facilities to learn about the different production methods available. Today, we use cutting-edge nanoemulsion technology, meaning we break down and reduce oil particle size so your body can then absorb the CBD at higher rates and amounts. In fact, this increases absorption by roughly five times.

Proper Hemp's premium CBD products

4. Co2 Extraction Method

While there are a few means for extracting CBD oil from the hemp plant, Co2 extraction is the preferred method for producing pure, potent, safe CBD oil. This extraction method preserves the wide range of cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids, resulting in the “entourage effect” experienced in Broad Spectrum and Full Spectrum products.

5. Natural, premium products

To ensure our products are exemplary, we are meticulous in selecting only the highest quality ingredients, using industrial hemp grown domestically in Colorado. Proper Hemp Co products are all-natural, formulated without mineral oil, synthetic fragrances, sulfate detergents, parabens, urea, DEA, TEA or phthalates. And the difference is in the taste. The Proper Hemp CBD Dietary Supplement tastes like triple-distilled peppermint, providing a mild and refreshing flavor in addition to relieving stress and anxiety.

6. We stand by our products

We believe firmly in the quality of our lab tested, cruelty-free products and stand behind them. Certificates of analysis are provided upon request.

7. Recycled hemp packaging

Proper Hemp is 100% hemp from the inside out! If you look closely at our packaging, you’ll notice small specks of tiny plant fibers. This is due to the recycled hemp we use to create our packaging. Since it only takes 100 days to grow hemp (versus the 100 years it can take to grow the timber to make cardboard), we knew from the beginning we wanted our packaging to be just as natural and eco-friendly as our products themselves.

Proper's recycled hemp packaging

8. Wholesale and affiliate options available

We’re always excited to work with other companies and individuals who are just as passionate about CBD, wellness, and personal health as we are. If you’re interested in becoming a Proper Hemp wholesale or affiliate partner, signing up is quick and easy. 

Still have questions? Don’t be shy! Let’s get in touch.

FAQs About Proper CBD Infused Coffee

Combine two of the most powerful plants on the planet for a cup full of antioxidants. Proper CBD Infused Coffee takes away the morning stress and post-coffee jitters.

In fact, caffeine happens to be a very good carrier molecule for CBD and increases its efficacy. The CBD helps to modulate the negative aspects of coffee such as the jitters or crash. It also reduces the acidity, which makes it much easier on the gut for a lot of people. Proper Hemp’s CBD Infused Coffee by Doma really is a high-quality dose of CBD that retains all the benefits of CBD, made better by the delicious delivery system. Keep reading for the answers to a few frequently asked questions about this delicious product.

How much CBD is in a regular cup of coffee made with the CBD infused coffee beans?

An average cup of our infused coffee, if brewed according to instructions with 10 grams of coffee per 6-8 ounces of water, yields about 15 mg of CBD. We played with dosage quite a bit to find the right dosage for the amount of caffeine in the beans. We like to drink two cups in the morning. With about 16 ounces of water and 20 grams of coffee, these two cups yield about 30 mg of CBD.

During the infusion process, we also dose up the CBD by about 20% from what is advertised to make sure that customers are getting a solid dose. That’s why our bags test above 600 mg per bag.

Does the CBD get diminished from the boiling water?

In actuality, the hot water is required to release the CBD from the bean. This is why we don’t recommend using a cold brew. Using water just off the boil, 195-200 degrees, to brew your coffee is optimal. We prefer to use a french press to brew our CBD infused coffee, though some like a Chemex type pour over. Both options work well with a stainless steel filter to avoid a thick paper filter capturing the CBD.

If the beans are infused and not coated in CBD oil, how is that process done?

The infusion process is a proprietary one that our infuser has been perfecting for almost five years. (This and the fact that DOMA Coffee is a premium coffee, are part of the reason for the cost.) Within 48 hours of DOMA roasting the beans, they are transported from northern Idaho to our infuser in Colorado. The process is complex but essentially, heat is used to express the oils from inside of the freshly roasted beans. Then Proper’s broad spectrum CBD extract is introduced. Once the beans cure, the CBD is pulled back into the bean with the natural oils.

How long do the beans last?

We recommend using the coffee within six months. However, we’ve used coffee that we infused over 15 months prior and it was shockingly good. (The coffee snobs in us were pleasantly surprised!) Something curious happens post CBD infusion as it increases the CO2 off-gassing in both duration and amount. What we have found is the off-gassing keeps the beans fresher, longer, because it continually drives the flavor degrading oxygen out of the bag’s valve.

As demand has increased, we are now preparing to roast and infuse every month to a couple times a month. That means we’ll be getting batches to customers and retailers within a few weeks of roasting to maximize freshness.

11 Frequently Asked Questions About CBD

We get asked these questions about CBD often. We thought it best to get you the answers to your top CBD questions so you can make a safe and positive decision when purchasing Proper Hemp Co. CBD products.

1. What is CBD?

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is one of the chemical compounds found in the hemp plant. It’s called a cannabinoid. Significant research has been done to show that CBD and other cannabinoids play a major role in supporting health and wellness.

2. What does CBD do?

CBD aids the Endocannabinoid System (ECS) which performs several different roles. However, its primary task is homeostasis. The ECS supports various biological tasks, including energy and balance, immune function, memory, metabolism, sleep, and the function of the autonomic nervous system. So far, studies have shown CBD may work naturally with the ECS to manage pain, reduce inflammation, suppress stress and anxiety, improve brain function, and more.

3. Can CBD get you high?

No, CBD is not intoxicating and it will not get you high. THC is the chemical compound in the cannabis plant that gets you high. Proper Hemp removes all THC from our products.

4. Is CBD legal?

The 2018 Farm Bill made hemp legal in all 50 U.S. states, but with a few important stipulations. For CBD oil to be legal, it must be derived from hemp (not marijuana) grown by a licensed business and contain less than 0.3% THC. The bill also gives states the power to create additional laws regarding marijuana, THC, and recreational use.

5. Is CBD safe?

The World Health Organization states that CBD “is generally well tolerated, with a good safety profile.” It’s all natural and free of many of the synthetic ingredients and addictive qualities found in many pharmaceutical drugs. Proper Hemp Co. encourages individuals to speak with their doctor about how CBD may interact with any medications you’re currently taking.

6. Will CBD show up on a drug test?

Proper Hemp Co.’s CBD products will not show up on a drug test. While many CBD products may still contain the legally allowed 0.3% of THC content in their products, Proper Hemp Co. extracts this THC out to provide CBD products to mainstream users without risk of job loss.

7. Are there different types of CBD?

CBD products fall into one of three categories: Broad Spectrum, Full Spectrum, and Isolate. Broad Spectrum CBD products (like Proper Hemp Co.’s) contain all the properties found in the hemp plant except THC. Full Spectrum CBD products contain all properties found in the hemp plant including THC. Isolate CBD products are made with CBD only and none of the other compounds found in the hemp plant. Studies have shown that your body can absorb more CBD from full and broad spectrum CBD products than it can from isolate products.

8. What’s the best method to use or take CBD?

It depends on what you’re using it for. If you’re treating sore muscles, joints, ligaments, or even inflamed zits, a topical application like Proper’s CBD Infused Balm is the way to go. However, an ingestible works well if you’re interested in easing stress and anxiety, improving sleep, or balancing the different systems in your body. From softgels to gummies to sublingual tinctures, there are countless options for ingestion.

9. What’s more effective, inhalation or ingestion?

The bioavailability (how much your body can absorb) of inhaling CBD products is about 50%. This is the same absorption (or bioavailability) rate as Proper Hemp Co.’s nanoemulsified CBD products.

10. How much CBD should I take?

Low doses of CBD are just as effective – and sometimes more effective – than very high doses. The nanoemulsification of Proper Hemp Co’s products increases their efficacy, making them roughly 5 times easier for your body to absorb than other standard CBD products. That also means you can take less and get the same effects.

11. What are the side effects of CBD?

High quality Broad Spectrum CBD is not currently associated with any extreme side effects. Reports suggest digestive upsets or mild mood changes may be possible, however, current research indicates that negative side effects from CBD are rare and that it is unlikely that you will experience any serious harm by taking this substance. CBD also does not lead to severe negative health effects, abuse, or dependence.